May 9: Q&A with Dr Louisa Wei, director of Golden Gate Girls & Havana Divas
May 8: Q&A with student directors from Academy of Film
May 7: Q&A with Dr Kiki Tianqi Yu, co-director of China's van Goghs (2016)
May 2: Q&A with Alex Law, director of Echoes of the Rainbow (2010)
May 1: Q&A with Man Lim Chung, director of Keep Rolling
Apr 10, 1pm: Q&A with Anthony Chen, director of Ilo Ilo (2013)
Mar 21: Q&A with Wu Wenguang, the Founder of Chinese Independent Documentary
Mar 6: Q&A with Pema Tseden, director of The Silent Holy Stones (2006)
Feb 26: Q&A with Chang Guang Xi, Director of Lotus Lantern (1999)
April 24: Q&A with Gregory Lee, Founding Professor of Chinese Studies at University of St Andrews
Feb 26: Q&A with Professor Justin O'Connor, co-author of Red Creative
Feb 24: Q&A with Michelle Chen, Director of Daughter of Shanghai (2019)
Feb 19: Q&A with Lina Wang, Director of A First Farewell (2018)
Feb 12: Q&A with Professor Julia Lovell, translator of Journey to the West