A First Farewell 第一次的离别 + Q&A (2018)

  • Drama, UK Premiere
  • 1h 26m

UK Online Premiere

Dir. Lina Wang’s Message

Isa Yasan is a simple and kind boy from the countryside in Xinjiang, China. His mother is sick. She cannot talk and always wanders away from home. Isa loves his mother deeply, and is torn between guarding her and going to school. His best friend Kalbinur is a lively little girl. They take care of a lamb together. From the grape yard to the poplar forest and to the desert, they are always bonded. Kalbinur’s grades are bad, so her mother wants to move their family to the city to change school. Meanwhile, Isa’s father decides to send his poorly wife to a nursing home. When the season is over, Isa and Kalbinur will have to learn to say goodbye…


Lina Wang


Qin Xiaoyu


Wang Han


Uighur, Chinese




Tencent Pictures, Elemeet

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