All About ING 小伟 (UK Premiere) (2019)

  • Drama
  • 1h 46m

UK & Ireland Premiere

The life of a family of three has been different since Wei Ming, the father, was diagnosed terminal liver cancer. The seemingly peaceful family was shrouded in gloom. Mu Ling, the mother, was not able to feel the understanding from her husband and son. She was even jealous that the sickness of her husband had brought the father-son relationship closer than ever. Although Mu Ling tried to conceal it, Wei Ming gradually realised that his life was coming to an end. The son, Yi Ming, was admitted to a university in the United States but did not dare to tell his parents; Knowing that his mother was not easy but was still unwilling to show much concern. Wei Ming felt that he had become a burden to his family. The agonised three headed to their home island to visit a grave, which was not there anymore. After typhoon, Wei Ming discovered an abandoned village in the mist, where his mother and brother still resided in. The brother who had been estranged for years came to the hillside in front of a lone tree and told Wei Ming that their parents were buried under the tree, then disappeared. The mist dissipated. Wei Ming secretly made a decision that would change the family’s destiny…


Huang Zi


Huang Zi


Huang Zi


Cantonese, Mandarin




Midnight Blur