Bazzar Jumpers 跑酷少年 (2012)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 1m

From the director:

“I met and became good friends with brothers Aydar and Xirali while filming ESP Urumqi Parkour Team. Aydar is the team leader who’s deeply passionate about parkour. He wrote to me recently to say that in order to lessen his mom’s financial burdens, he decided not to attend college. He found a security guard job at a bank. And he said he’s not too happy with his brother Xirali’s grades. But the two brothers will always have that common love for parkour. He asked if I would film a trailer for their team in order to submit to the National Parkour Competition to be held in Beijing. I agreed to make a trailer, but also wanted to document the young, passionate and fearless parkour kids.

I hope, through our film, people will get to know more about Xinjiang, understand Xinjiang youth, their lives, and gain a glimpse to their coming of age.”


Zhiqiang Hao


Zhiqiang Hao

Associate Producer

Warren Chien


Uyghur, Mandarin




CNEX Foundation