Don't Be Young 危情少女 (SD) (1994)

  • Thriller, Drama
  • 1h 41m

This is director Lou Ye’s debut feature.

A young girl Wang Lan’s mother suddenly passed away, leaving her devastated, and her father had left home for years. One day, she had a bizarre dream that her mother was murdered. After waking up, she opened ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by Shakespeare according to her dream, as expected, there is a deed and map that she saw in the dream. Her dentist boyfriend Lu Mang thought it was her hallucination, but Wang Lan insisted that her dream was true. Forensic expert identified that her mother committed suicide, but Wang Lan felt her death was rather strange. After a long search, Wang Lan and Lu Mang finally found the small building where her mother was killed in her dream. However, uncanny phenomenon occurred one after another. Wang Lan’s father Liu Jiaxin foreboded that something might happen to his daughter, so he pretended to rent the house, in fact, was to protect her daughter. Lu Mang’s assistant Nurse Lin was coerced by Wang Lan adoptive father Wang Jing, to get rid of Wang Lan at a night of storm and rain… The shadow of death slowly approaching Wang Lan, the backstage manipulator Wang Jing surfaced, just as he was about to finish Wang Lan by himself, Liu Xin arrived in time, Wang Jing’s true identity were to be exposed…


Ying Qu, Nai An


Lou Ye


Yongcheng Ma






Shanghai Film Studios