Double Happiness Limited 幸福定格 (2018)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 26m

Another provocative work by the Taipei Film Festival award-winning director, Shen Ko-shang. He spent the total of seven years documenting the most personal and intimate conversation of eight couples. Fairy tales often stops with the phrase, “and they lived happily after.” However, the end of the fairy tale marks not the end, but the beginning in actuality. The film challenges the couples with the underlying questions that exist but rarely discussed between husband and wife: Why do you decide to marry? When the passion fades, what is it that sustains the relationship? How do they deal with the problems with their in-laws? What changes are they faced with once children are involved? How do they put up with each other?

The couple are from various professions and social class. Through the most genuine dialogs, the films guides the audience to rethink and reflect on the meaning of happiness and marriage.


Shen Ko-Shang


Lu Yuan-Chi