End of Season Bonus: Snow Kid 雪孩子 (2K) (1980)

  • Animation
  • 21min

UK Premiere

This film is 2K Remastered.

Outside the window it is cold and snowy, but the little white rabbit’s house is very warm because of the fire. When there is only a small carrot left for food, rabbit mother decides to go out and find more. The little one insists to go with her, but his mother worries that he’ll catch a cold and let him sit at home by the fire. The mother then makes a snow kid to keep him company.

The mother and son carefully dresses the snow kid up, now the little rabbit has someone beautiful to play with. They play for a long time, finding that the snow kid is very cold, he invites him into the house to warm up in front of the fire, but he refuses, the little rabbit suddenly realises that he is not afraid of coldness. Later, the fire burns the rabbits’ house, to save the little rabbit and regardless of the danger, the snow kid rushes into the house.

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Lin Wenxiao


Chang Guang Xi


Duan Xiaoxuan








Shanghai Animation Film Studio

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