Feeling From Mountain and Water 山水情 (1988)

  • Animation, UK Premiere
  • 20min

UK Premiere

2K Remastered

Feeling from Mountain and Water is a transitional Chinese Ink-wash animation produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio in 1988. It takes both its style and its name from the art of Shan-Shui, which literally means “mountain-water”, it is a type of Chinese painting that depicts natural scenery and landscapes with brush and ink.

This 20 minute-long animated short film tells a simple story between an elder musician and a talented young boy, showing the relationship of a master and an apprentice. The film is without any dialogue, only music from zither and sounds from natural elements. Yet, the animation and music make the film rich in both emotion and philosophical ideas.

Due to its remarkable technique and artistry, Feeling From Mountain and Water is considered a masterpiece and unsurpassable in Chinese ink-wash animation.

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Te Wei


Ma Kexuan


Yan San Chun


Wang Shuchen


Fuzai Jin






Shanghai Animation Film Studio

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