Fishing Child 渔童 (1959)

  • Animation, UK Premiere
  • 23min

UK Premiere

2K Remastered

Part of a curated section, “Shanghai Animation Film Studio Retro”.

After the outbreak of the First Opium War, many ports in China were occupied by foreigners. An old fisherman went fishing on the sea and found a white marble fishbowl in his net, in which many pearls were found everyday. The secret was soon learned by a western missionary who tried to seize the fishbowl by lodging a false accusation against the fisherman. To prove his innocence, the fisherman broke the fishbowl, at which point the carved child inside the bowl came to life, jumped out, and threw the missionary into the ocean.

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Wan Guchan


Hu Jinqing


Qian Jiaxin


Shen Zuwei








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