New Voices from Hong Kong Students: And I, And I 漪 + Q&A (2020)

  • Documentary, UK Premiere
  • 30min

UK Premiere

Available between April 6 - May 23.

Part of a curated section, “Hong Kong, Reimagined”.


Judy, a single mother and Peter, her intellectually disabled son have been through 45 years with each other. As minorities, lives were half spent with forgotten dreams and helpless love. Yet, they found a temporary exit through music. This film tried to document their days and stories.

Festivals & Awards

  • 17th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

Curator’s Dialectic

“And I, And I is a powerful film. As a short documentary, it presents so much information about Hong Kong through the eyes of Judy. It’s about a mother who never gives up on her son, it’s also about a mother’s unconditional love. But of course, in order to provide such love, Judy has to sacrifice and become selfless. Judy’s story invites us to think about the role of motherhood. Can a mother respect the child as how they are?

This documentary also echoes some other films that are showing in the Season, such as The Crossing, Sheep Without a Shepard, The Shadow Play and Chop Chop - it’s about decisions made by ordinary people to overcome ups, downs and challenges in life.”

About Lam Yan Yue

Lam Yan Yue, was born in 1997 and is based in Hong Kong. Upon recent graduation from the Academy of Film HKBU, the documentary “And I, And I” was made as a directional debut. Her goal is to become a documentary filmmaker.

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Lam Yan Yue


Lam Yan Yue


Lam Yan Yue


Cantonese, English Subtitles


Hong Kong SAR, China

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