New Voices from Hong Kong Students: Chop Chop + Q&A (2019)

  • Animation, UK Premiere
  • 5min

UK Premiere

Available between April 6 - May 23.

Part of a curated section, “Hong Kong, Reimagined”.


The girl’s hair is tied in braids by her mother every morning. The rigorous woman believes the tighter the braids are, the tighter the mother-daughter bond is. So, the little girl lives with the achy, throbbing feeling from her scalp and tries to understand this painful love. Actually, there is a little fantasy in her mind which is never mentioned or carried out, until an accident happens…

Festivals & Awards

  • NSU International Short Film Festival, Dhaka Official Selection
  • 10th Pune short film festival 2020 Official Selection
  • 10th Farcume – Faro’s International Short-Film Festival Official Selection
  • 18th International short film festival Film Front in Frontić Official Selection

Director’s Statement

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” - Oscar Wilde

Curator’s Dialectic

“If And I, And I, another student film selected for this section questions the role of motherhood (literally and symbolically), then Chop Chop certainly materialises this thinking with an act of haircutting. How may an overbearing mother impact on a child and her identity?

This animation also echoes some other films that are showing in the Season, such as Nezha Conquers the Dragon King, Where is Mama? and the Cowboy’s Flute.”

About Tsang Yuk Lui

Tsang Yuk Lui received her Bachelor degree in Animation and Media Arts from the Academy of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019.

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Tsang Yuk Lui


Tsang Yuk Lui


Tsang Yuk Lui


Cantonese, English Subtitles


Hong Kong SAR, China


Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Film

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