New Voices from Hong Kong Students: Funeral 喪禮 + Q&A (2020)

  • Animation, UK Premiere
  • 7min

UK Premiere

Available between April 6 - May 23.

Part of a curated section, “Hong Kong, Reimagined”.


In our life, we are afraid of death and want to catch the most important person or the best time of our life, however, we can’t control that, but we need to face that bravely. The story emphasises the message about the cycle of life, relationship, and connection between family and generation and the concept of Chinese death. The thesis of the story is about growing and finding the meaning of death.

Festivals & Awards

  • The 17th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

Director’s Statement

“Animations have the power of creating and bringing things alive as it appears in real life.”

Curator’s Dialectic

“Similar to The HongKongers, Funeral questions the value of tradition and heritage. What is the connection between Hong Kong and Chinese heritage?

This question also opens up other enquiries in this programme about the traveling of Chinese culture. Chinese tradition has traveled to San Francisco, as we will soon see in Golden Gate Girls and later, to Havana as we will see in Divas. From very early on, Hong Kong has always been as an open hub encouraging interactions between Chinese culture and the world.”

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Cantonese, English Subtitles


Hong Kong SAR, China


Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Film

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