Opportunities for Documentary Filmmakers to Enter the Chinese Market (2021)

  • Talk Show
  • 45min

There are increasing opportunities for filmmakers to make documentaries in China and for internationally-made documentaries to be distributed to China, however the potential for this market is largely untapped in the UK. This panel aims to explore the opportunities that are out there for UK production companies in China, learning how to cater to a Chinese audience, and how we can use documentaries to share China’s story with the rest of the world. Our expert panelists will talk about their experiences working in China and in the Chinese documentary market. Audience members will have a chance to put questions to the panelists at the end of the talk.


Louise Hossien, Documentary Producer and Storyteller, UK-China Film Collab

Cara Cox, International Documentary Producer and Research Specialist, UK-China Film Collab


Arthur Jones, Documentary director and writer of The Six, a critically acclaimed documentary

Professor Noémie Mendelle, Director of Scottish Documentary Institute

Professor Michael Wood, documentary filmmaker and presenter of the BBC’s Story of China

The views expressed by panellists do not necessarily reflect those held by the UK- China Film Collab nor Chinese Cinema Season.




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