Q&A with Anthony Chen, director of Ilo Ilo (2013) (2021)

  • Talk Show
  • 1h 20m

An absolutely successful and inspiring Q&A with director Anthony Chen and director Wang Haolu, hosted by programmer Gu Pengyuan.

This Q&A had mainly discussed these questions below:

Questions for Anthony Chen:

  • Ilo Ilo is a film that goes beyond friendship and kinship to talk about the theme “family”. Could you tell us a little bit about your original intention at that time? Now that you’ve become a father yourself, do you have a new understanding of what family is and what it means?

  • Ilo Ilo was a hit at the Cannes Film Festival and Golden Horse Awards. How did you feel as a new director at that time? Has this starting point brought you any opportunities and challenges in your later career?

  • In Ilo Ilo and the second of your trilogy Wet Season, Yeo Yann Yann and Koh Jia Ler also played the leading roles, and contributed to the extremely wonderful performance. Yeo Yann Yann is an excellent and elegant actor, while Koh Jia Ler has grown from childhood to youth. Can you tell us some interesting things about working with these two actors?

  • In Ilo Ilo, we can not only find your special cinematographic talents, but also the temperament and vibes of other renowned Asian family films. Can you tell us a little bit about the film auteurs and works that influenced the creation of Ilo Ilo or gave you inspirations?

  • There is a full sense of reality in your works, which is in line with the rhythm of real life. How do you achieve this? Can you talk about it from the point of view of script writing and working with actors?

  • As a Singaporean director, your works often contain a specific social background of Singapore, such as foreign workers in Singapore, the financial crisis, the disappearance of Chinese education in Singapore, etc. But at the same time, your work has transcended national boundaries and has had a wide impact on the world, especially in Asia. There seems to be a resonance across ethnic and linguistic lines in your work. What is your reaction to this comment?

  • You Are working on your latest feature film, We Are All Strangers, which seems to be inspired by your story during the lockdown in the UK. Compared to the time gap between Ilo Ilo and Wet Season, it seems to be able to meet with the audience more quickly. Can you share some news about your new movie with the audience?

Questions for Wang Haolu:

  • Your debut feature film A Dutiful Wife won the Artekino International Award in Cinemart’s Rotterdam Film Festival this year. It is one of the new projects that has attracted a lot of attention. Would you like to share with the audience the latest progress of this film? What is the difference between making a feature film for the first time and making short films in the past?

Questions for Anthony Chen & Wang Haolu:

  • Both of you are graduates from NFTS in Directing. What kind of help and influence the study experience have brought to your creativity and career?

  • Based on the previous question, could you tell us more about the experiences of being as East Asian directors when they participated in film festivals around the world and international team productions? What advice would you give to young East Asian filmmakers who are studying or working abroad?




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