Q&A with Wu Wenguang, director of Bumming in Beijing (1990) (2021)

  • Talk Show
  • 1h 15m

About Wu Wenguang

Born in 1956 in Yunnan Province, China, Wu Wenguang went to countryside to work as an “intellectual youth” during the cultural revolution in 1974. He was then admitted to Yunnan University to study Chinese literature in 1978. After graduate, he began to teach in secondary schools in Kunming and Xinjiang, then worked as a journalist in Kunming TV Station. In the late 1980s, Wu went to Beijing and started his life as “bumming in Beijing”, which is also the name of the renowned documentary he later made.

As one of the founding figures of the Chinese independent documentary, Wu Wenguang is undoubtedly a prominent and prolific artist and filmmaker who continues to create art projects that concern about the non-mainstream, marginalised and often-neglected groups, individuals and history facts of China. His debut Bumming in Beijing (1990) is a groundbreaking work which strikingly contrasts with previous Chinese documentaries both subject and technique wise.

Selected Filmography

Investigating My Father (2016) Bare Your Stuff (2010) Treating (2010) Fuck Cinema (2005) Dance with Farm Workers (2002) Jiang Hu: Life on the Road (1999) At Home in the World (1995) 1966, My Time in the Red Guards (1993) Bumming in Beijing (1990)




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