The Future of Hong Kong's Film Industry (2021)

  • Talk Show
  • 2h 9m

Hong Kong’s film industry is far from dead, despite what some critics say. There is plenty of potential and new images to be explored.

In parallel to the “Hong Kong, Reimagined” screening programme at this festival, we organise this panel in the hope to facilitate new discussion and debate about the future of Hong Kong’s film industry.

Hong Kong cinema cannot rely on its action classics to sustain its international reputation. It is neither sustainable for the industry to only depend on capital from mainland China.

What will be the next Hong Kong film that can have international success beyond the festival circuit? What will be the next Hong Kong film that can become as consumable as its classics by the mass audience internationally?

Come and join us for an open discussion.


Dr Wai Luk Lo, Honorary Fellow, Academy of Film, HKBU

Cedric Behrel, Managing Director of Trinity CineAsia, an all-rights film distributor since 2006, with the CineAsia label representing the largest catalogue of Chinese films in the UK.


Hiu Man Chan, Founder & Director of UK-China Film Collab




United Kingdom