The Shadow Play 风中有朵雨做的云 (UK Premiere) (2018)

  • Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Drama
  • 2h 4m

UK Premiere

During a chaotic riot driven by an urban village renewal in Guangzhou, local government planning official director Tang falls from a building and dies. Sergeant Yang is assigned to be in charge of the investigation, which also leads him to the tangled background of Violet Gold - the construction company interrelated with Tang for thirty years of dark history. Tang’s wife, Lin Hui, who suffers from psychosis and domestic abuse, was in fact the ex-girlfriend of Jiang Zicheng, the head of Violet Gold. Additionally, Jiang Zicheng’s Taiwanese business partner Lian A ‘Yun has been disappeared for years… Despite facing horrific threats and self-destruction, Sergeant Yang determines to discover the truth behind.


Lou Ye


Nai An


Feng Mei


Mandarin, Cantonese




Beijing Enlight Media