Weekend Lover 周末情人 (SD) (1995)

  • Drama
  • 1h 38m

A Xi and Li Xin were a lovely young couple, and their happiest moments were when their parents are not at home on weekends. However, very quickly, their sweet secret was exposed. A Xi soon found out the chief culprit of informant and killed him by mistake, what was waiting for A Xi was the disaster of long prison.

Li Xin felt distressed by A Xi’s imprisonment, then she met someone else, Lala. Lala’s tender care and company healed Li Xin gradually, the two was getting closer and closer. After being released from prison, A Xi asked around for Li Xin’s whereabouts and finally found her. Learning that Lala has become her boyfriend and feeling betrayed, A Xi drove Lala away with violence. Later, Lala became the lead singer of the band introduced by his friends. In the band, he saw the empty and negative side of the young people at that time. One day, during the performance of Lala’s band, A Xi couldn’t resist his anger and attempted to wreck the whole place, but was stopped by Li Xin. But things got out of control in the end, on the edge of mentally breakdown, Li Xin decided to leave the city and start a new life.


Lou Ye


Yongcheng Ma






Fujian Film Studio