Youth 芳华 (2017)

  • Drama, Romance, War
  • 2h 15m

Xiaoping is a talented dancer from Beijing with a painful family history – her father has been sent for ’re-education’. A shining prince, Liu Feng, brings her to the dance-floor of the PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army) dance troupe – soldiers charged with promoting revolutionary values through music and dance. Xiaoping’s dreams of restoring her family name are dashed when the young dancers around her use her as their scapegoat. In a handful of years each of the young women will be flung around the country when the death of Chairman Mao (1976) sends the region into chaos. From romantic teenage dreams to life and death decisions on the battlefield, Youth is a bold, ambitious epic that is, also, intimate and heartfelt in its personal tales.


Feng Xiaogang


Yan Geling






Huayi Brothers Pictures, August 1st Film Studio, Beijing Culture